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Meat pies (Meat pies)

Meat pies (Meat pies)

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Let's start with the preparation stuffing.

Saute the onion in a few tablespoons of oil, then add the diced bell pepper and the meat. Saute everything and add the peeled tomatoes, also cut into cubes and half a glass of water. Mix everything, cover with a lid, turn the heat to low and let the meat penetrate well. The meat is ready when it is well penetrated, and the sauce formed is dense. Let it cool, and then fill the forms. I divided ‘by eye’ into 8 weights.

In a kettle we heat the water and the butter, and when the butter has melted (it doesn't have to boil, you will burn it) we take it off the heat and pour it over the flour in which we put 1 teaspoon of salt. Knead until you get a homogeneous and elastic dough, which we spread in a sheet of about 0.4 mm. I used shapes 10 cm in diameter, and I got 8 pies. So, we will have to have 16 discs of which 8 will be able. the edge of the shape, as in the image below. Fill and close with the remaining discs, sealing well.

We cut them in the middle in an X shape to make way for the vapors formed inside. Put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes (it took me so long) it is important that after 20 minutes you start watching them, and when they brown, they are ready. You have to wait at least 20 minutes before eat, because they cool slowly due to the composition.

Ingredients Apple pie:

  • 350 grams of flour
  • 150 grams of sugar (I used brown sugar)
  • 175 grams of cold butter
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 yolks
  • cold water
  • filling:6 large granny smith apples, 100 grams of raisins, 1 cup sugar (200 ml.), 4 tablespoons full of starch, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon tip,
  • Furthermore:1 tablespoon semolina, 1 egg yolk, powdered sugar

Preparing dough for apple pie:

For the dough, I prepared a pate-brisee: I mixed the salt with the flour and the sugar in a bowl and I added the cold butter, cut into cubes (1). I incorporated the butter in the flour, with the help of the fork (do not put your hand on the butter, because it will melt and the dough will not be as fragile) (2).

When the mixture in the bowl has a sandy appearance (picture 2) add the yolks and a tablespoon of cold water, kneading quickly until all the ingredients are gathered into a dough. Do not knead more because the butter would melt and damage the consistency of the dough. Wrap the dough and put it in the fridge for an hour (if it is kept longer in the fridge, it will not harm them at all).

Prepare the filling

Meanwhile, prepare the filling for the American apple pie, very similar to what I did for the apple and coconut cake: peel the apples and the seed box, cut them into cubes and mix with the sugar and starch. Add the raisins and put everything on low heat, stirring constantly until the composition boils and thickens. Add cinnamon, mix well and set aside until cool.

Assembly and baking

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. The cold dough is divided into two and the first half is spread in a round sheet.

Roll the sheet on a rolling pin and roll it over a round shape that does not need to be greased.

Reach the edges of the dough to a height of 3-4 cm. then shape into the refrigerator until the second sheet is spread. After that, sprinkle a tablespoon of semolina on the base sheet and pour the filling.

The filling is covered with the second sheet. Press the edges inside and shape the ripples. Grow the dough in the middle and spread it with the yolk, then put the apple pie in the already hot oven. The secret of this dough is to put the cold dough in the hot oven. The butter will suddenly melt and create a specific sandy consistency.

Bake for about 45 minutes, until the pie is nicely browned. If it tends to burn on top, cover with a sheet of baking paper.

Allow the apple pie to cool in the form until it is barely warm. If necessary, peel off the edges of the form with a knife and then turn it over carefully on a flat plate. Immediately cover with the plate on which you want to serve and turn over with maximum caution over the plate. It is not desirable to break, God forbid! If desired, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Authentic or not, I assure you that it was a delicious apple pie and all the diners were delighted with it.

Pie with Yams (Sweet Potato Pie)

So, as I told you, I faked this time and used a dough to buy. I baked it a little, until the edges took on a slightly brown color. I took the crust out of the oven.

I then moved on to the filling. During this time the crust is left to cool.

I had the yams potatoes ready baked and peeled. I crushed the potatoes. In a bowl I put the egg whites and mixed them with the mixer together with the agave nectar (it is used instead of sugar, that's why I said that honey can also be used). Then I added yams, cinnamon and cloves to taste. I mixed again, until smooth and then I added the milk.

Maybe it takes a little more or less than I gave the amount, it depends on how big your pot is. The filling does not have to be completely liquid, but not hard either. It has to be somewhere in between.

Fill the crust and put it in the preheated oven at high temperature. Bake at that temperature for the first 10 minutes, then set the temperature to medium. Bake until a toothpick placed in the middle of the filling comes out clean.

Be careful not to burn your skin. For this, the edges can be covered with baking paper.

Decorate as desired, serve with whipped cream with a cinnamon powder.


Enjoy a delicious Greek-inspired recipe. Grate and mix with spinach and onions.

Spinach And Tofu Pie Fasting Recipe Mirela Ivaz

- 1 kg of mushrooms.

Fasting spinach pie. 500gr of flour 15 tablespoons water 15 tablespoons oil salt Ingredients for the filling. Apr 19 2016 A fasting pie with crispy leaves and seasonal filling with fresh spinach mushrooms and a few more vegetables. Give a note to the recipe Fasting Spinach Pie Tags oil eggs flour sugar vegetarian recipes onion butter milk recipes gluten free red garlic green meat meat recipes for kids peppers recipes lactose free lemon olives carrots sour cream fruit cheese.

May 05 2020 As during this period we find fresh spinach quite easily the other day we prepared a pie with corn yogurt and spinach that we served to Anastasia for dinner with cherry tomatoes while we ate it next to a salad. Boil the spinach in salted water and let it drain. After washing the spinach, cook with green onions.

Ingredients for pie with spinach and mushrooms - a packet of pie sheets. - 100 ml of oil. This delicious pie contains layers of crispy golden dough and flavored spinach filling with extra protein given by cashews and tofu.

500gr frozen spinach or 800gr fresh spinach a box of mushrooms 1 carrot an onion of medium size salt pepper. The vegetables are cleaned and chopped according to inspiration. Mar 23 2015 Here is how to prepare the pie with spinach and fasting mushrooms.

1 packet of pie sheets 1 kg spinach 1 kg mushrooms 150 ml oil 2 carrots 1 onion 1 bunch parsley 1 bunch dill salt and pepper. - 1 kg of fresh or frozen spinach. Spinach vegetable cream coconut oil inactive yeast flour.

- 100 ml of oil. Here you can share your knowledge of vegetarian food and emphasize the merits of this type of diet. Nov 23 2016 Here's how to make spinach pie and fasting mushrooms.

We all know that spinach is healthy but we kind of avoid it because we have it. Sep 26 2018 1. Greek cuisine is full of delicious dishes and exotic flavors and some of the most popular Greek recipes besides the Greek gyros and tzatziki salad that we have all heard of are the ones for pies and products.

It's easy to make, it's very spicy and it's more than delicious. Put the pan in the oven on the right heat for 30 minutes. Ingredients for the pie with spinach and mushrooms - a packet of pie sheets.

Nov 15 2019 Spinach and rice pie a simple and tasty recipe suitable for post-Orthodox periods or if you have decided to adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Because of. Spanakopita fasting pies with spinach.

Miha1950 Nally adi maria MIHULESCU kia adinush octavian Moderators. Heat the oil in a saucepan. - salt and pepper.

Before putting in the oven, cut the pie. It is a very easy and extraordinary fasting recipe that you need 1 kg of spinach 2 bunches of green onions 50 preparation. Apr 11 2009 Fasting spinach pie You have given up meat and the vegetarian recipes you know are much tastier than those with meat.

- 1 kg of mushrooms. - salt and pepper. The carrots are grated, the mushrooms are sliced ​​and the onion is finely chopped.

- 1 kg of fresh or frozen spinach. About spanakopita we can say that it is a traditional Greek kind. Grease a large tray with oil, put 4-5 sheets of pie in it, pour the spinach filling and at the end cover with another 4-5 sheets of pie and grease the pie with a little oil.

- a bunch of parsley. - a dill tie. Oct 07 2019 This spinach pie is a tasty aromatic and crunchy way to introduce in your family's diet more vegetables, vitamins and minerals.

How to prepare pie with spinach and mushrooms. Vegan spinach pie - fasting. Jul 27 2018 Here's how you can quickly and easily make spinach rolls in the post vegan version.

- a bunch of dill. Apr 16 2015 RECIPE PREPARATION Fasting spinach dish. Prick the pie with a fork before putting it in the oven to help the steam come out of the filling.

The spinach is washed, scalded, drained and then chopped. A kind of fasting spinach pie with spinach pie can be made frozen in advance and reheated as needed before the arrival of guests or on weekends when you do not feel like staying in the kitchen. A pie of thin filo sheets or Greek sheets greased with melted butter or olive oil and filled with a thick layer of spinach sautéed with green onions and then mixed with feta cheese and eggs.

Apr 15 2014 For a delicious and healthy fasting dinner we offer you the recipe for spinach pie Ingredients for pie sheets. The post vegan version of the Greek spinach pie contains tofu instead of the famous feta cheese but the result is very close to the authentic recipe. - a bunch of parsley.

She pours the spinach composition. At the end everything is covered. How to prepare pie with spinach and mushrooms. Spinach and cheese pie - video recipe 700 g spinach350 g telemea cheese200 g sour cream100 g melted butter4-5 tablespoons oil2 eggs1 packet of pie sheets1 finely chopped onion1 link mararputina salt Pie with spinach and cheese is ideal when you want to make friends with someone spinach.

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Meat pie

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Call Pie or Apple Pie

Preparation: Put in a bowl flour with sugar, salt and butter cut into pieces. Mix well by hand, then add flour and knead until a homogeneous dough is like a ball, put in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, clean the apples and cut them into thin slices, add the lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon, mix the lemon peel well. Take the dough out of the fridge and divide it into two parts, one a little bigger than the other.

Spread a sheet and put in a form of 24 cm, greased and lined with flour, it should be a little high on the form, then put the apples a little butter pieces on top of the apples and the sheet on top that is greased with beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar.

Before putting it in the oven, cut it with a knife on top to get the steam out. Place in the oven heated to 18 degrees for 40 minutes or until golden on top. It took more time in my oven, more than an hour it depends on the oven.

As mentioned above & # 8211 there are a ton of different ways to make feta pie and oftentimes the method and quantity of ingredients will depend more on the size of the baking tray and how many people you want to feed.

As is the case with most grandmothers and mothers that cook in the traditional way, the women in my family eyeball the ingredients and usually I do too. That is to say that these indications are only guidelines.

Following this exact recipe will get you a perfect feta pie & # 8211 but you can also feel free to make modifications to suit your particular preferences, the size of your baking tray, or the number of people you want to feed.

From Apples to Ground Beef

In Romania, a placinta is the most versatile way of encasing a filling, and thus translates into a vast number of sweet and savory creations.

There are two types of pastry dough used in various recipes: one that you can stretch and another that you can roll. We call them pie sheets and pie dough, respectively.

The first is a filo-style pastry, light and delicate, often brushed with butter, that is stretched to fit the size of your baking tray. Its main role is to sandwich together the filling, using two layers of pastry to one layer of filling.

The second type encompasses anything that can be rolled: a yeast- or baking soda-leavened dough, a shortcrust pastry dough, puff pastry, or simply a flatbread dough. These layers are sturdier and richer, complementing the flavors of the fillings. Dairy and especially fermented dairy, such as sour cream, are often used to give the dough a softer, velvety texture, which makes some of these recipes unique to Romania.

When it comes to shaping a placinta, the most common way is to create two layers of dough and spread the filling in the middle. The filling itself can vary widely by region, depending on different available ingredients and culinary traditions.

Cheese pie, filled with sweetened curd cheese and raisins. (Nicubunu via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0)

In Transylvania and Banat, situated in the north and west of Romania, where we have German influences, placinte filled with sauerkraut are still popular. In the south, where we were ruled for centuries by the Ottoman Empire, the fillings vary from meat to vegetables, apples, cherries, and pumpkin. In Moldova in the east, the land of dairy farms bordering Ukraine, placinte take the shape of breads stuffed with sweet curd cheese, that are served at village celebrations.

The most beloved placinta of all is the apple pie, placinta cu mere, for which the apples are grated and mixed with walnuts and cinnamon, then sometimes lightly stewed together before using, or simply left raw. Both ways are popular and make a refreshing, sweet, and tangy filling.

Another popular version is cheese pie, filled with sweetened cheese curds, almost like in the ancient recipe. It is sweetened with honey (or sugar, nowadays), studded with sultanas, and enriched with eggs, for a filling that is indulgent and moreish.

On the savory side, placinta cu carne is made with beef and pork mince, simmered with onions, tomatoes, and paprika — a satisfying meat pie that is delicious either warm or cold.

Meat pies (Meat pies)

We start with the preparation of the filling. Saute the onion in a few tablespoons of oil, then add the diced bell pepper and the meat.

In a kettle we heat the water and the butter, and when the butter has melted (it doesn't have to boil, you will burn it) we take it off the heat and pour it over the flour in which we put 1 teaspoon of salt.

I used shapes 10 cm in diameter, and I got 8 pies. So, we will have to have 16 discs of which 8 will be able. the edge of the form, as in the image below. The meat is ready when it is well penetrated, and the sauce formed is dense. We leave it to cool, and then we fill the forms. Fill and close with the remaining discs, sealing well.

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How to make Meatloaf & # 8211 recipe for baked meatballs or meatballs?

Ingredients for meatloaf

Here's basically what I needed for the meatloaf recipe: beef (pulp), below it is fatter pork (preferably pork breast, neck or fatty pulp), onions, garlic and glass with mashed tomatoes with vegetables from Mutti. It is very important to use fatty meat for any mince because it is the one that gives tenderness and flavor to the dishes! A lean, rubbery, hard meatloaf will come out of lean beef. So choose a beef that has 30% fat.

I passed both kinds of meat through the mincer.

I soaked the core of the slices of bread (without the crust) in milk and then passed it through the mincer.

Romanian Cheese Pies & # 8211 Pie

Pie is a traditional Romanian pastry, also popular in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. It is a round-shaped piece of dough filled with various fillings, savory or sweet.

The most common pies are cheese or cheese pies and they can be sweet or savory as well. Today & rsquos placinte are filled with salty feta cheese and dill but have a look at the Branzoaice as well. They are filled with a sweet cheese filling and they are just divine.

The recipes for placinta differ slightly from region to region I would say, but the bottom line is: Romanian people love their pies or placinte in any form.

The Romanian cheese pies are traditionally made with yeast dough, but nowadays you will find many puff pastry, filo, or shortcrust pastry versions as well. They can be baked, shallow-fried, or deep-fried. I prefer to make my cheese pies either shallow-fried or baked, I am not much into frying & hellip the smell, the hot oil, the extra calories & hellip

And if you ever visit Romania, do make a point in eating gogosi (fried pies filled with everything from cheese to Nutella), they are better than any other pies you can imagine & hellip and you can probably buy them at any street corner. They are addictive, I must say after you had one, you will go buy one every day for the rest of your stay in Romania & hellip