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Five Guys Launches Breakfast Menu in Boston

Five Guys Launches Breakfast Menu in Boston

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Five Guys on Summer Street became the first Northeast location to serve breakfast

Five Guys introduced breakfast at several Washington, D.C locations in 2012, and now it's come to Boston. Known nationwide for their simple yet delicious burgers, the Five Guys on Summer Street in Downtown Boston became the first Five Guys in the Northeast to serve breakfast as of the 29th of July.

Now, any morning, you can visit this Five Guys location from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and start your day with one of the following classic breakfast options:

· Egg sandwhich ($2.99)

· Egg and Cheese sandwhich $(3.49)

· Bacon and Egg sandwich ($3.49)

· Bacon, Egg, and cheese ($3.99)

Two eggs come on each sandwich by default, so if you want just one you'll have to specify. And for those of you who wouldn’t (or couldn’t) walk into a Five Guys without a burger patty, you have the option to add one to any of the above items for 1.50, as well as any of their burger toppings.

Coffee and orange juice will also be served to complete your breakfast. Be the first to start this trend in Boston; once you show up at the office with one of these…people will be off!

Copycat Five Guys Cajun Fries

I recently polled my Facebook group about their favorite fries, and the cajun fries from Five Guys was the clear winner when it came to fast casual fries. So in the name of research, I made a trip to my local Five Guys and tested them out. Not to toot my own horn, but I think my version might be better. But I&rsquoll let you be the judge.

If nothing else, this air fryer Five Guys cajun fries recipe creates crispy, flavorful, and slightly healthier fries that rival the real thing. And unlike the original, these won&rsquot be dumped inside a brown paper bag or make a greasy mess. Unless you&rsquore into that sort of thing. Then be my guest!

There is not a large secret menu at Five Guys because you basically customize your burger yourself every time you order. When you order a burger at Five Guys they start with 1/4 lb ground Angus patties and then you tell them which toppings from a huge list you would like piled onto your burger.

What Customers Say About the Five Guys Secret Menu

Five Guys Burger & Fries Profile

Five Guys Burger & Fries

"Always Fresh. Never Frozen."

Five Guys Info

History & Founder(s)

Five Guys has been a Washington, DC area favorite since 1986 when Jerry and Janie Murrell offered sage advice to their four young sons: "Start a business or go to college." The business route won and the Murrell family opened a carry-out burger joint in Arlington, Virginia.

Under the guidance of Jerry and Janie, the Murrell family served only hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil. The little burger joint quickly developed a cult-like following. Press paid attention. Customers voted the burger "#1" in the metro area.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s the Murrell family perfected their simple system. Five Guys was The Place to get a fresh, juicy burger with all the toppings you could stuff between fresh-baked buns. A fifth brother was born and, as their family grew, so did their business. Four more restaurants with sit-down seating were added to accommodate the growing clientele.

Early in 2003 Jerry and Janie, together with the five "guys" began offering franchise opportunities. In just under 18 months, Five Guys Enterprises sold options for over 300 units. The overwhelming success of franchising a local restaurant made national news with articles in trade publications such as Nation’s Restaurant News, Restaurant Business Magazine, and the Franchise Times.

Now, over 20 years after Five Guys first opened, there are over 1,000 locations nationwide and over 1500 units in development. Five Guys continues to receive media attention and has grown a cult-like following around the world.


The original Five Guys location is in Arlington, VA.

From 1986 - 2001 Five Guys opens five locations around the DC metro-area and perfected their business of making burgers. and starts to build a cult-like following.

In 2002 Five Guys decides DC metro-area residents shouldn’t be the only ones to experience their burgers and start to franchise in Virginia and Maryland. Franchise territory sells out in 18 months, so the rest of the U.S. is opened for franchise rights.

From 2003 to present Five Guys expands to over 1,000 locations in 47 states and 6 Canadian provinces.


There are over 250,000 possible combinations of ways to order a burger at Five Guys! They use only fresh ground beef. There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen. They use only Peanut oil for frying and peanuts are stacked by the tables for their customers.

Servia will open downtown with Eastern Mediterranean breakfast and lunch

Meze at Servia Brian Samuels Photography
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A message to downtown workers in search of an alternative to their usual Sweetgreen or Dig Inn visits: Change is coming, in the form of a new breakfast, lunch, and, eventually, dinner destination that’s about to join the neighborhood.

Servia, a modern Eastern Mediterranean restaurant, will debut at 126 State St. in two phases, starting with breakfast and lunch on October 13 (dinner will follow on October 26). Located in the historic Cunard Building, the eatery is divided into three sections: a private dining room on the ground floor, and, 10 steps above on the first floor, a bar on the right side of the lobby and a dining room on the left side.

When it first opens, diners will be able to stop in for breakfast and lunch, either taking their meal to-go or to enjoying it on-site. Executive chef Claudio Cavalleri has devised a breakfast menu that includes custard and cherry-filled croissants, spanakopita, breakfast flatbread, and Israeli bagels with labneh cheese. For lunch, there are pastas, salads, and kebabs, but according to general manager Derek Alten, the meze mixes are the star of the show.

“It’s our take on a bento box,” he said, describing how each mix is divided into five compartments, featuring dishes that include grilled beef meatballs, hummus, saffron pilaf, falafel, za’atar tomato salad, and more.

Once dinner service starts, guests will be able to order braised lamb shank, moussaka, grilled octopus, and a variety of “ancient grain pitzas” with toppings that include broccoli rabe, spicy sausage, feta, sumac, and more. To drink: beer, wine, and cocktails, the last of which features concoctions like the Marrakesh Express made with mezcal, pomegranate juice, harissa, rose water, aquafaba, and lemon.

Inside Poundland's new corner-shop-style stores as two open in Yorkshire

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Five Guys launches breakfast menu to celebrate opening 100th store in the UK

American fast food chain Five Guys is launching a new breakfast menu as it celebrates opening its 100th branch in the UK.

Early morning eaters will be able to choose from four types of breakfast sandwich from December 9, with prices between £3.45 and £5.95.

To start with, the menu will only be available at four out of the burger chain’s one hundred stores Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford Circus and its newest branch, St Paul’s in London.

For £3.45 you can buy a little egg sandwich with one egg, or add a layer of melted American cheese for an additional £1.

If you prefer your breakfast bap with meat, try the little bacon and egg for £4.95, which adds rashers of apple wood smoked streaky bacon, and extra servings of cheese can be added for 50p.

Five Guys is launching a breakfast menu on Dec 9 as it celebrates opening its 100th branch. To being with, available in Bristol, Birmingham New St, Covent Garden (original) and St Paul's (newest). Here's the menu:

— Josh Barrie (@joshbythesea) December 2, 2019

For £3.95 you’ll get a full-size sandwich with two eggs.

The large egg, bacon and cheese sandwich is the most expensive item on the menu at £5.95.

Fries are also available in either Five Guys or Cajun style, and cooked in peanut oil.

Little fries cost £3.25, regular fries are £4.75 and large ones can be bought for £5.50.

Breakfast drink options include Smart Water, Innocent orange juice, tea, latte and Americano coffee.

You can order a coffee or latte for £2.55 or an Americano £2.20 - however customers in Bristol won’t be able to order filtered coffee with their meal.

The breakfast menu will be served until 10:30am, and is the perfect morning pick-me-up for the festive party season.

Additionally, to celebrate the opening of its 100th store in the UK, Five Guys will offer complimentary meals for all customers at its brand-new site in London’s St Pauls on December 9.

From 8am - 11pm the branch will serve breakfast, burgers, fries and soda free of charge, and the first 500 customers can pick up some exclusive Five Guys merchandise, including branded hats, umbrellas and jackets.

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Five Guys are launching a breakfast menu in London

Next week's a bumper week for burger folk Five Guys. Not only are they opening their 100th UK store (in St Paul's since you ask) but they're also about to launch their first breakfast menu in four of those stores.

Two of those stores will be in London - the new one at St Paul's and the Oxford Circus branch. Alongside the usual burger offering there'll be four breakfast sandwiches - all a variety on the egg, cheese and bacon theme.

A plain egg roll starts at £3.95 and the most expensive one is a Bacon Egg and Cheese roll with crispy smoked bacon, two free-range eggs and melted American cheese in a bun. As with the burgers, you can add any toppings for free. They'll also be serving up fresh, ground coffee.

More about Five Guys St Paul's

Where is it? 4, St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AY

When? Breakfast launches on 9 December 2019

Soft launch offer: Free meals for all customers at the St Paul's Five Guys branch from 8am to 11pm on 9 December. At breakfast, that'll be an OJ and breakfast burger. After that you'll get a burger, fries and soft drink.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @FiveGuysUK

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Don’t expect Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina, at the Hub on Causeway, to take you to Flavortown

Pescado taco Guy Fieri's Tequila Cocina. Emily Chan

Our restaurant reviews are part of a series of conversations we’re developing to help you save time and stay informed on what’s happening in the city. Be sure to sign up to receive the latest on the city’s food scene.

Before visiting Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina, the splashy new Latin American-inspired spot at The Hub on Causeway, I was not convinced our city — let alone our world — needed Guy Fieri to offer his own “delicious interpretations of Latin street food.” I enjoy watching “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” on Food Network, but I was not convinced that Fieri’s perspective, in today’s increasingly diverse food scene, should be the one through which Latin America’s “traditional dishes” are given a “unique twist.”

Fieri has made a career of rowdily showing viewers the way to “Flavortown,” a populist, nostalgia-laden view of American food culture that rewards the hard work of homestyle mom-and-pop shops, often paying particular attention to extravagant, often over-the-top concoctions. It’s clear the “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” host can recognize good food, as all the DDD-approved joints I’ve visited have been knockouts.

And I absolutely agree with him that food does not necessarily have to be fancy, fussy, expensive, or even healthy to be delicious.

And yet: Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina is inordinately expensive, and not entirely delicious. The restaurant, which is co-owned by Fieri and Big Night Entertainment Group, and developed with input from him and his team, didn’t persuade me that it’s better than other, similarly priced nights out — let alone that it’s a necessity.

Nestled next to the new Big Night Live music venue, one half of the massive Tequila Cocina space looks the part. The walls are decorated with bright, busy floral mural art on corrugated sheet metal, and the expansive bar, which is adorned by the restaurant’s Ed Hardy-esque skull logo based on a real tattoo on Fieri’s arm, holds over 100 tequilas on backlit shelves. On a recent Saturday night, however, I was seated in the other half of the restaurant, which is … beige. The industrial-chic support cables across the arched ceiling aren’t cohesive with the buzzy bar side’s street-cantina aesthetic. It was hard to tell whether the dark smudges on the walls were intentional.

10. Sonic

Upon first glance, Sonic's breakfast menu looks like your average breakfast menu. There are a few burritos, a couple of breakfast sandwiches, and French toast sticks. But Sonic adds a few touches that make its menu stand out.

For starters, both the SuperSONIC and Ultimate Meat & Cheese burritos include bonafide tater tots, a breakfasty spin on the California burrito which comes stuffed with french fries. And the SuperSonic even comes with REAL VEGETABLES like tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. ¡Que increíble! The Breakfast Toaster is another favorite, a breakfast sandwich served between two thick slabs of Texas Toast.

To top it all off, Sonic is another one of those magical establishments that serves breakfast all day. In fact, it serves its entire menu all day, which means the intrepid among you could pair a breakfast burrito with chili cheese fries, or an Oreo peanut butter shake, or your favorite flavor of slush. And after placing your order, one of their infamous roller-skating carhops will even wheel it straight to your car, where you can gnaw down your breakfast in privacy without having to brave the harsh, morning sunlight.

Here's one secret KFC insiders won't tell you: the bowls they sell are fully customizable. Whether you want grilled chicken instead of fried or corn on top of your mashed potatoes, custom bowls mean you can eat KFC every day and never get the same meal twice.

At the end of a long week at work, treat yourself to a beer float at Shake Shack. This secret menu snack replaces the root beer in a float with alcoholic beer for a grown-up treat that's worth waiting in those interminable lines for.