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Stuffed eggs

Stuffed eggs

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Boil the eggs so that they have a hard yolk (about 5 minutes after they have boiled).

Peel them and cut them in half (it is preferable to wash the egg whites, if they get dirty from the yolk when we cut them, then drain them well on a paper towel before filling) crush with a fork then add the cheese and chew well. Add mayonnaise (I put about 4-5 tablespoons), a teaspoon of mustard, and taste salt, then season with pepper and mix. The filling does not have to be very soft because we can no longer spirit them nicely. It should have a fairly strong consistency, so add the mayonnaise gradually. At the end, finely chop the green dill and mix it in the composition.

Put eggs on a plate, fill a bag with cream cheese and egg yolks and decorate eggs to taste.

You can also make them in the shape of mushrooms, cutting a lid on the large base of the egg, lightly remove the yolk from the inside and fill them with cream cheese, then put them on top of half the tomato that you decorate with mayonnaise. These kinds of eggs are a little more meticulous, but very effective!

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