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Cabbage seasoned with pork

Cabbage seasoned with pork

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Remove the leaves from the cabbage, the ones that are not good, and rinse well;

Finely chop the cabbage, put in a pot and cook together with the meat that we cut into small pieces;

Leave until the meat and cabbage are well cooked;

We fry the onion that we cleaned and cut it into small pieces together with the oil and we leave it to stir for a few minutes;

At the end we put it over the cabbage and season it, sprinkle the parsley that we chopped finely!

The first steps in the kitchen

The other day we missed one more meal. of winter: P
So I turned to cabbage, maybe it's not exactly suitable for this period, but each with its own tastes.
We need:

1 suitable cabbage
1-2 onions
pork (which you usually want and use)
2-3 tablespoons of broth
thyme, dill, sweet paprika, bay leaves
salt pepper
a little lemon salt (optional)

For the beginning, we wash the cabbage, we chop it finely (I honestly admit that I used the grater, because the chopped cabbage is not my strong point, then I rub it with salt and we take care of the other ingredients.

Chop the onion (I personally chop the cabbage a little bigger than usual, but now everyone does as they please) and cut the meat into pieces, larger or smaller, according to preference.

Okay, now heat a few tablespoons of oil in a saucepan and put the onion to harden. let it add the 2 tablespoons of broth, then the meat and heat all the ingredients a little more.

After 2-3 minutes we put enough water to cover the cabbage. Now, if you want you can put the bay leaves, if you don't like the taste too much you can add them at the end. I put one in them and let it boil, about 1 hour, after covering with a lid. Of course I stirred from time to time.

Towards the end when the cabbage and meat boiled, I added thyme and dill and soured it with a little lemon salt.

We served it warm, with the thought of the frosty winter days when we loved to smell the cabbage in the house.
Good appetite!


Among the Romanian dishes, my favorite is baked sweet cabbage. Whether it is smoked or fresh meat, I would eat it any day and at any time. Baked cabbage in the version we know it in Romania, here in Slovakia is not prepared. Fresh cabbage generally uses red cabbage, and white cabbage is consumed a lot in the sour version, ie pickled. So from time to time I also escape from the specifics of the area where I live and with all the crookedness of my husband and children I prepare Romanian food. I hope you like my recipe, it is a classic and I invite you to watch it:

INGREDIENTS: 1 kg pork (chop with mice)
2 suitable cabbages (1.5 kg)
4 large onions
300 ml tomato broth
4 bay leaves
salt and pepper to taste
2-3 tablespoons oil for hardening onions
1 thyme thread
fresh or dried dill

We clean the onion and cut it into cubes.
We wash the cabbage and cut it faithfully. Then we rub the cabbage with salt, dill (I used dry and finely ground so that my husband can't find it, which is anti-dill) and a little lemon salt (optional) to soften it.
In a pan, heat the onion in the hot oil and when the onion is glassy, ​​add the tomato broth, a little salt and pepper, dill.

Because I don't have very large pots, in another pot I mixed onions and broth with cabbage,

I used the Romanian pot for baking in the oven. I soaked it in water according to the instructions for use and then I placed a layer of cabbage on the bottom of the pot, sprinkled bay leaves and placed the sliced ​​chop.

Fill with the remaining amount of cabbage, level nicely and put the cabbage in the oven.

Bake the cabbage for 90 minutes or until the meat softens and is cooked.

Serve the cabbage with hot polenta and fresh or pickled hot peppers.

Method of preparation

Chicken ciulama with mushrooms

Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separated

Poultry liver stew

Washed liver, put it in the fridge, in a bowl of milk for 30 '. Chop the onion, garlic

The best recipe for sauerkraut with pork. It is eaten as often as possible in winter

Stewed cabbage it is all the better if it is made with meat from freshly cut pork. Depending on the taste, sauerkraut is good both sweet and pickled from the barrel.

Hardened cabbage is a consistent dish winter that warms and nourishes us properly during this period.

Necessary ingredients cabbage with pork:

  • 700-800 g pork
  • 2 cabbages
  • 3 bell peppers
  • 5-6 tomatoes
  • 2 onions
  • 1 dill connection
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • thyme, peppercorns, paprika, bay leaves, salt

Cut the pork into suitable pieces and brown well in a pan. Wash, clean and cut the cabbage. We put a pot of water on the fire and when it boils we boil the chopped cabbage.

Chop the faithful cabbage and scald it

Peel the onion, bell pepper and wash the tomatoes. Finely chop the onion and cut the bell pepper and two tomatoes into cubes. Put the onion to heat in a hot pan and when the onion becomes transparent add the pepper and diced tomatoes plus a pinch of salt. Leave the pan on the fire for 5 minutes before turning off the heat, during which time mix with a wooden spoon.

Heat the onion and add the peppers, diced tomatoes and a pinch of salt

Prepare in a Roman bowl a bed of spices and 2 sprigs of thyme, peppercorns, paprika and bay leaves. If we don't have an earthenware pot, we can also use a pan.

We put in the earthen pot two sprigs of thyme, peppercorns, paprika and bay leaves

Over these spices we add chopped onion, pepper and tomatoes. Slice the garlic, chop the dill and put them in the Romanian bowl.

Add chopped garlic and dill

Roasted cabbage and drained of water add to the bowl and mix everything until smooth.

Mix everything until smooth

Add the pieces of meat and lightly cover them with cabbage (to place the tomato slices as in the photo).

Slice the three remaining tomatoes and evenly cover the cabbage. Over the tomatoes we give a dry thyme powder.

Cover with slices of tomatoes and give a thyme powder

Put warm water or, if we have it, meat soup over the cabbage so that it does not exceed about half of the bowl. Put the lid on the pot and bake for an hour. In the last 10 minutes, take the lid of the pot and let it brown.

Cabbage with browned meat in the oven

Cabbage with pork, late autumn food is eaten hot with edible polenta, hot peppers or, if you prefer, with sour cream. You can also see the cabbage with ribs or Bihor cabbage.

Cabbage with pork & # 8211 Video recipe

Cabbage seasoned with pork it is a very tasty food, which we can prepare very easily, from only a few ingredients.
We can use sweet cabbage or sauerkraut, the food will be just as tasty and we can prepare it whenever we want, because cabbage is found all year round.
To prepare a sauerkraut with tasty pork, we have nowhere to go, we must use lard, or pork with little fat, and if we have a weaker pork, or if we prepare sauerkraut without meat, fasting, we need to use a little more oil.
This is because kale is not a food that we prepare boiled in water, that's why it's called QUALITY, because we have to CALIP it in oil.
Of course we don't fry it and add a little liquid, but we boil it in very little water, or white wine, under the lid, stewed, and let it cook until everything evaporates and what remains is the cabbage with the remaining oil.
I use white wine when I make sauerkraut with pork, because the wine tenderizes both the meat and the cabbage and gives a very good taste to the food, and the alcohol in the wine evaporates when boiled, so it will not be felt in the food.
If you still don't want wine in your food, you can use 100 ml of water instead of wine, but be careful not to add more water than necessary, because either you will boil the cabbage excessively and you will get a very soft cabbage, which you destroy. all the fibers, either you will leave too much water in the food, at the end and the sauerkraut will look like a soup.
Personally, I don't like anything more than a soft cabbage or a cabbage with liquid in the plate, it is also unsightly and less tasty and, especially, it is NOT hardened cabbage, but boiled cabbage with sauce.
I know that in Romania, both spaghetti, rice and cabbage are usually cooked longer than necessary, I do not know where we get this habit, so I take a risk of being contradicted, as I suffered at sarmale recipe.
I take this risk in the desire to put into circulation a correct recipe, so not one where I have the appreciation of many necessarily, because culinary sites have a great responsibility in providing good and correct recipes, which also taste preserves the properties of food, providing the most accurate recipes.

& # 8211 1 large cabbage
& # 8211 4 pig ladders
& # 8211 1 onion
& # 8211 2 tablespoons oil
& # 8211 1 tablespoon tomato paste
& # 8211 sare
& # 8211 peppercorns
& # 8211 thyme
& # 8211 2 bay leaves
& # 8211 green dash (optional)

PREPARATION You can see the sauerkraut with pork in the video below.
Enjoy !


Szekler cabbage with pork (Székelygulyás), as it is prepared in the Harghita & # 8211 Covasna area, is very tasty and easy to prepare. Nothing goes better on a frosty winter day than a cabbage with pork. And if we stay at home, it wouldn't hurt at all to have a glass of boiled brandy at the table, so we can whet our appetite.

Although the temperatures are slightly higher during this period, we are still in the winter season, pickles and heavy foods based on pork. Good pork can be found in Selgros stores. The butcher's shop has fresh pork, beef, chicken, sheep, but also meat products of its own production, so it is best to buy from good sources.

This type of food can also be found in restaurant menus under the name of székely-gulyas. Most of those who live in the Szeklerland are convinced that it is a local food, but in reality this is a recipe that crossed the Hungarian border, even with a story behind it: the poet Petofi Sandor arrived late at Székely Josef's restaurant and he asked him to feed him what else he had in the kitchen. And, here's how a pork stew and a sauerkraut met on the poet's plate. Excited as much as he ate, he returned to Székely's restaurant and always asked for that cabbage goulash made especially for him (Székelygulyás). Searching data on the internet about this recipe I found that it is very popular not only in our Transylvania, but also in Hungary, but also in Slovakia or Germany.

We take care to taste the sauerkraut first. If it is very salty, we leave it in the water for an hour, then we can drain it and use it. Another basic ingredient of this preparation is paprika (sweet paprika), without which you can't even imagine this kale. The aroma, color and final taste are strongly influenced by it.

I will tell you that an important part of this recipe, although at first sight it would not matter, is bread. White bread with potatoes or a rye bread with seeds, accompany this Szekler cabbage.

And because it's easy to make, it's a tasty recipe, with ingredients available to anyone, I invite you to try it and tell me if you don't find it irresistible, as it seems to us.


1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

1 ligurite cumin powder

1.5 teaspoons dried thyme

2 tablespoons paprika (sweet paprika)

The amount of cabbage and meat should be about equal, so we will weigh and then start slicing the pieces of meat into medium-sized cubes. Finely chop the onion.

Cut the cabbage into pieces and let it drain in a sieve until it is used. We start preparing the Szekler cabbage (székelygulyás) by melting the lard in a large bowl.

When it starts to sizzle, put the pieces of meat and let them brown slightly on all sides. Add chopped onion and garlic, continuing to heat.

Season with freshly ground pepper, dried thyme and cumin powder (we can also use cumin in the form of seeds).

Then add the paprika (paprika) without stinging and mixing. Put the cabbage over the meat, mix and let the ingredients befriend each other for 1 minute.

Pour 700 ml of hot water, cover with a lid and turn the heat to low to medium for 30 minutes. We can mix from time to time in the bowl, but if we have a good cast iron one, this is not necessary.

After 30 minutes we check how we are with the liquid (we add another 100 ml if necessary & # 8211 at the end we have to keep the sauce), we leave the lid ajar and the cabbage smells lightly on the fire for another 30 minutes, taking care to mix from time to time in vas. Taste after this time and add salt if needed (generally we will not add, sauerkraut being quite salty), but it is possible to add a little more paprika, for color.

There are variants in which at the end of the recipe 300 g of sour cream mixed with 1 tablespoon of flour is added to the pot and it is boiled for another 5 minutes, but I propose to stick to the classic recipe and to put each sour cream to taste.

To make a beautiful plating we will arrange a slice of bread on the bottom of a plate. We surround it with sour cream, then we put the goulash sauce. we arrange the Szekler cabbage, a piece of meat and a word of sour cream.

Wow if it doesn't look delicious! Did I make you want it? I am waiting for your pictures, I will gladly publish them, and if you share the recipe, thank you in advance.

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