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Bean soup

Bean soup

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Soak the beans in cold water at least 2 hours before, preferably overnight, this way the beans will boil much easier. The amount of water varies depending on the taste of each, for 500g of beans I use 3l of water. After soaking, bring to a boil and change the water at least once. Boil until the beans are penetrated and in some places other beans are broken.

Meanwhile, chop the diced vegetables and cook over medium heat with the oil. When everything is hardened, add over the boiled beans in the 3 liters of water. Leave it to boil, on low heat, for another 30 minutes to penetrate the flavors. At the end add the dill, paprika, 2 teaspoons of salt, and a pinch of pepper. Last time add the butter. The butter is put to bring the flavors together, rounding off the overall taste.