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What Are the Best Zero Calorie Drinks?

What Are the Best Zero Calorie Drinks?

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We’ve come a long way since Diet Coke, Pepsi Free, tea, and black coffee were the only zero-calorie drinks on the market. There are some zero-calorie drinks that are pretty tasty, which you can find below, but if you’re looking to quench your thirst, we suggest you reach for the best zero-calorie drink of all: water.

Diet Snapple Green Tea Iced Tea
Snapple is famous for its plethora of creative flavors. What it is not as well-known for is its diet ice tea, which is also phenomenal. The drink has zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and is a great thirst-quencher on a hot day. It maintains its sweetness from the green tea but doesn’t go overboard on the tea flavor either. We’re totally grabbing one of these bad boys next time we have a soft-drink craving.

Hint Water
The idea behind Hint is simple: Pure spring water plus a splash of natural flavor. Hint’s website tells us that there’s no sugar, no diet sweeteners, and no preservatives, additives, or anything else that you can’t pronounce in its product. The drink is pretty refreshing and we’re totally on board with the movement since the beverages are zero-calorie and actually delicious!

Sparkling ICE
Sparkling ICE is one of the hottest drinks on the market these days. The thing that’s so fascinating about Sparkling ICE is that it’s delicious, has zero calories, and even comes in a lemonade flavor. How is it possible that they packed all the delicious qualities of a typically sugary drink into a zero-calorie bottle? We won’t give away the secret, but the drink is a fantastic alternative to sugary juices and has carbonation, so you won’t miss that when you toss your soft drinks away.

Honest Tea Unsweet Lemon Tea
Honest Tea has come out with a brand new zero calorie tea that is delicious. The tea is unsweetened, but has lemon flavoring so there's no blandness. There's nothing like swigging down an ice cold lemon-flavored tea on a hot day and now you can do it with absolutely no calories.

Propel Zero
Propel Zero offers the added benefit of having vitamins C, E, and B and antioxidants in the water. Propel allows you to replenish, energize, and protect with zero calories and no added color. There are also nine original flavors to choose from — with that much variety, why would you ever need sugary sodas?

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